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Artist Shoot at TRYP Brisbane


My photographer, Jye and I ventured into Brisbane city last weekend. Something a little different to the lifestyle we have become accompanied to here on the Sunshine Coast. We searched for a hotel that not only offered comfort and class but would be ideal for getting some great shots. We decided that the art hotel TRYP in Fortitude Valley would be the perfect place to escape for the night. We were excited to have some fun and get creative.

The drive south to Brisbane was relatively smooth until the car troubles started. The gearbox of Jye’s car had decided to die. We had no option other than to google another route and crawl along at 40kms/hr for the last 13kms through the back streets of the city to the hotel. Frustration and road rage were in the air … but we finally got there!

As soon as we walked into the foyer of TRYP we found ourselves surrounded by cool graffiti artwork painted on the walls. Excited we checked in and raced to our room on the 4th floor keen to explore the hotel for our shoot. Beautiful artwork and colour graced the room set off by a series of amazing blue lights. Then we saw it … the outdoor spa with absolutely amazing views over the city. Another highlight of our stay was enjoying a much needed cocktail in the downstairs indoor/outdoor restaurant … much needed after our stressful drive there… haha.

My favourite part of the shoot? The spa … it was unbelievable!!!

Here’s a few more photos of the shoot below! click on them to see them close up 😉

Photography—> Jye Laufer—> Defy.The.Ordinary

@trypbrisbane —> Website for Tryp 


Welcome to My Travel Blog

Wow.. so excited to travel the world! Travelling has always been my dream and now I can blog to you all about all my travel trips and destinations i will be visiting. I will also be including places I liked and experiences that i encountered along the way to hopefully improve and give insight into your next holidays. I haven’t done too much travelling in my life but next year that is all going to change! I have started my travels in Brisbane (last weekend) and now off to bali in two weeks for a month and a week! I am hoping to travel around Europe next year when I get back from bali. keep updated by reading all my post, seeing my pictures and of course watching all my videos 🙂