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All about my fillers


There is only one clinic I trust with all my beauty needs which is Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic. I recently got my lips and cheeks filled in with princess dermal fillers. Dermal fillers should only be performed by a qualified registered nurse or doctor.


What dermal fillers do and why I got them done?

When dermal fillers are injected under the surface of the skin, your own framework is strengthened and becomes more plumped, the fillers also act to replace volume in facial fat pads and stimulate your body to produce its own collagen!! Yes this substance is great to prevent anti ageing. Three to six weeks post-treatment, the area injected gradually builds up collagen and even gains more volume. Unwanted lines and wrinkles gradually disappear as the skin thickens.

Here is a couple before and after photos and a quick video.
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Video uses Go Pro music from App store (from the top)





My secret to white teeth


Review on Hi Smile teeth whitener:

So I have been using Hi Smile teeth whitener for over a month now and wow the results are amazing! It has been the first teeth whitener that tastes really yummy… I almost just want to eat it. I love how this product prevents future stains, does not test on animals, it has no harmful chemicals, is super good for sensitive teeth plus only takes 10 minutes to use each time. I started using this products because its was so popular on social media so I had to check it out !! recommend this product to anyone.


<3 Shania






Before and After Photos of Breast Augmentation !

So it has now been a bit over 6 weeks since my breast augmentation and I could not be happier with my results. I thought I would put a few before and after photos with no bra on so you can see my results incase you were looking into getting a breast augmentation yourself. I was a size A before hand and now I am a size C-D. Hope you enjoy the photos xox









3 best destinations in BALI

Three of my favourite destinations in Bali !


Number 1: Uluwatu Bali

Uluwatu is the most beautiful place I visited in bali. Its Amazing and awesome for surfing! Being surrounded by reefs and beaches and my favourite bit is standing at the top of cliffs looking out to the amazing views.  When People go to Bali they expect beautiful beaches…then they see Kuta Beach and get let down. Well, the beaches here will never disappoint. I recommend anyone going to bali to go here.




The resort I stayed at named Karma Kandara was perched atop of the cliffs of uluwatu, which have stunning views, this is the most luxury cliff top resort I had ever seen. The buffet breakfast was yummy and having this view was un believeable.







When its got the afternoon the sun came down and the most gorgeous sunset appeared. The whole sky would go pink purple and blue.









After enjoying the all the food the sunsets and advertures I decided to try out the spa the next day and yes it was incredible! I went into the surna and the warm spa with this amazing view.




A little video I made click in the link below:

Click here for my video

And to check out the villa I stayed at Karma Kandara:

Click here for the Villa I stayed at



Number 2: Semiyak Bali

Seminyak is Bali’s most fashionable beach, it has the island’s luxurious villas and resorts with many of the finest restaurants and boutiques. What I love about Semiyak its has the best fashion stores and is one of the top dinning spots on the island. It is a great place to watch the sunset and has an awesome night life.





I stayed at Couryard Marriot located in the centre of Semiyak. What I loved about this place was the buffet breakfast, live bands and the pool bar of course! Seriously I just couldnt get away from this pool bar hahah







After I went shopping had a couple drinks and enjoyed the live bands. Was the best atmosphere!






For the resort I stayed at the link is below:

Click here for more information on the resort


Number 3: Sanur Bali

What I love about Sanur is that it has a good mix of bars and resturants, it lacks the congested traffic, crowds, and hectic pace of Kuta, semiyak and Legian. The sunrises are breathtaking and the ocean is very calm and awesome for swimming. The 5km beach-path makes it an ideal place for an early stroll in the morning or if you are into running and cycling you can go for a good adventure.


I stayed at Maya Sanur, which is a very new resort and very artistic! These is a huge amount of art and it is on Sanur beach.








There is a heaps of bright colours, many gardens and few sqirrels running around.









The cute balcnys were my favourite! They looking like bird cages and you can just drive in the pool staight away



Click the link below to check out the resort I recommend:

Click here




I got a breast augmentation !!

image1 (1)


So as you all may or may not know I recently I got a breast augmentation and here is my story 🙂

The Process:

The first step to getting a breast augmentation is having you send over your photos of your boobs to a plastic surgeon and be quoted a price. After you have quoted a price you secure the date of the surgery and consultation. At your consultation you will talk to your Doctor about what size and shape you would like your breasts. The day of surgery you compete all your forms, wait in the waiting room and then go into surgery and get put under general anesthetic …. then you wake up with boobs!!!!! The recovery hurts the most, you must wear a special sports bra for 6 weeks and not do much for 2 weeks.

My feelings: I was not too nervous at all, I thought it would hurt a lot less and I thought I wouldnt of been as sick

The Cost: $7990 AUD-  warranty $350AUD – scar cream and extras $150

The size: 295cc, Teardrop implants, Under the Muscle, Under the Breast fold

Company : Cosmeditour Gold Coast /


Check out my video below to see before’s and after’s :