I got a breast augmentation !!

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So as you all may or may not know I recently I got a breast augmentation and here is my story 🙂

The Process:

The first step to getting a breast augmentation is having you send over your photos of your boobs to a plastic surgeon and be quoted a price. After you have quoted a price you secure the date of the surgery and consultation. At your consultation you will talk to your Doctor about what size and shape you would like your breasts. The day of surgery you compete all your forms, wait in the waiting room and then go into surgery and get put under general anesthetic …. then you wake up with boobs!!!!! The recovery hurts the most, you must wear a special sports bra for 6 weeks and not do much for 2 weeks.

My feelings: I was not too nervous at all, I thought it would hurt a lot less and I thought I wouldnt of been as sick

The Cost: $7990 AUD-  warranty $350AUD – scar cream and extras $150

The size: 295cc, Teardrop implants, Under the Muscle, Under the Breast fold

Company : Cosmeditour Gold Coast /

Check out my video below to see before’s and after’s :


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