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I never really liked english at school or writing. It was certainly never my forte. No doubt it was what actually led to loosing interest in school and just wanting to be an entrepreneur at the age of 15… so here goes the first lines of my future as not only an influencer on Instagram but as a blogger.

What inspires me to blog. Well this blog is not going to be just about fashion, not just going to be about modelling, not just about fitness and its not just going to be about travelling around the world. I want to talk about what inspires me but not only that, I want to inspire my followers, share my life and want everyone to realise what a crazy beautiful world there is out there to explore and that is it worth chasing your dreams because dreams are worth everything, and not only that, if you can dream and really stretch yourself and encourage others to do it you can get yourself in a position where you can do so much in other peoples lives.

See I’m a girl that likes to have fun in all different corners, so what I am going to blog about is my life and all the bits and pieces, the beautiful and ugly, the fun and crazy, the quiet and relaxed and the adventurous times. I am going to cover it all! Its going to be about my life and all it encompasses, so come for a ride with me.

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